Ellie Dyduch



I’m Ellie, otherwise known as @dy_ellie on Instagram.

I’m a travel & lifestyle photographer, content creator & curator and Instagram specialist, living in London, UK.

I help brands visually communicate their story and connect them with their right audience on Instagram. By creating imagery with a strong story behind it or by sourcing and curating engaging content that is in line with the company’s vision and goals, I deeply believe in the power of beautiful image and purposeful storytelling.

My journey into photography and social media started around 2008. However, only three years ago I began taking it much more seriously, documenting my life and travels on my Instagram. What was initially just a fun hobby became something so much more. New ways of doing things and quirky ideas fascinate me. I’ve got a curious mind that never rests and a camera that I very rarely leave behind at home.


Photo by    @LiolaLiola

Photo by @LiolaLiola

Traveller | Photographer | Creative