I’m Ellie, otherwise known as @dy_ellie on Instagram.

I'm a Polish-born travel photographer and Instagram specialist based in London, UK.

I find the most joy in exploring: every country, city and space I happen to be at; interesting and compelling stories from people I bump into; foods and new cuisines I come across. I enjoy getting lost and walking my own path.

New ways of doing things and quirky ideas fascinate me. I've got a curious mind that never rests and a camera that never stays alone at home. 

Travelling, creating beautiful imagery with a strong story behind it, and sharing my passions and knowledge with others is what makes me the happiest. 

How did I get started? I lived in Cambridge at the time and having a job I genuinely hated for various reasons. I’ve had this thing for photography for as long as I can remember. I hadn’t done much about it until 2016, when I decided to dust off my Instagram account and take photography more seriously. For months, every morning I cycled to a café where I spent a couple of hours writing, editing, but mainly reading inspirational books, blogs and articles. And then I just practised and practised, taking countless photographs, and meeting incredibly talented and unique people along the way. Long story short, very slowly I carved out a path which led me to become a full-time freelancer.



Traveller | Photographer | Creative